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Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is now a part of China, I was hard pressed to tell from my experience there. Incredibly modern and clean, full of Westerners – English in particular, and crammed into a spectacular setting, it felt nothing like the rest of China. It was also about five times more expensive, so I only stayed three nights.

Rooms on Hong Kong island are insanely priced, so I picked up a place across Victoria Harbour on the mainland in Kowloon for a little over 100 USD. Looking across at Hong Kong from Kowloon at night


The Star Ferry has been taking people across Victoria Harbour since 1874


EVen though there is now a tunnel for cars and a subway line connecting the two sides, the ferry was the only way I crossed back and forth over the three days. It seemed wrong not too, the wait was never more than five minutes, the trip always relaxing, and at 25 cents a ride, the only cheap thing to do in Hong Kong. Heading across on a hazy day, the Central district in Hong Kong feels like a mini-Manhattan, but with the green Victoria Peak rising up in the background


Just above the Central district, I found a three km trail that lead up to Victoria Peak, and after about ninety minutes and a gallon of sweat (very hot and humid in Hong Kong) I made it to the top. Pretty sweet views


The nightlife in Hong Kong is ridiculous, and the people that I met were incredibly friendly. Lan Kwai Fong is a great district over in Central Hong Kong where tons of expats and locals gather for happy hour and beyond, plus I found a few great places over in Kowloon, Sticky Fingers bar with good live music topping the list.


After spending more money in three days in Hong Kong than I had in all of my time in the rest of China, I have to go. But I think I am coming back in January for a few days with my cousin Andy, he is meeting me for New Years in Thailand and his entry/exit point to SE Asia will be Hong Kong. It was enough fun to get me back here, plus Macau is only a one hour ferry ride away from Hong Kong, and I still want to see that.

For now, on to the land that I have been dreaming of for many years – Thailand. First stop, Bangkok, but only for a few days. The beaches of Thailand are calling.